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Date a cat or dog owner
Which team will you join?

Cat Dating / Dog Dating

Would you date a cat owner or a dog owner?

Which team are you on? Moggy or Doggy? Sign up and pick your preference and connect with single cat owners or single dog owners. Moggy or Doggy makes it easy to connect with people who share your pet passion whichever team you're on. Our members either own cats and dogs or are pet-less and would like to date an animal lover.

Who's team is winning!

Check out the percentage of cat owners VS. dog owners who are using Moggy or Doggy. Team Doggy is winning. Come on Moggies you need to try harder!

Team Moggy 45%
Team Doggy 55%

Date an animal lover

Creating an account is quick and easy like fetching a stick or scratching your owner's sofa! Upload your picture and one of your cat/dog. Write a few words about yourself and search for singles near you.

Moggy or Doggy allows you to search by location, age, gender, interests and more.

Send private 1 to 1 messages, chat and arrange a date. Who knows, joining today could change your life forever, assuming your cat/dog is happy too!

Detailed profiles enable you to start a conversation right from the start.

Moggy or Doggy cat dating dog dating
Team Moggy
Team Moggy
If you choose Team Moggy you can arrange a date without your kitty. Your pussy cat probably has more important matters to attend to! Use the freedom to do whatever you wish and if you're both cat owners save the meeting of the kittens until you're smitten and we hope there's no cat fight!
Team Doggy
Team Doggy
If you choose Team Doggy you can connect with single dog owners and arrange a walk in the park. It's a wonderful first date and if you don't end up in the 'dog house' go and grab a coffee. If you're both dog owners let's hope the pooches don't stop you smooch! Go Team Doggy!
Local members
Local members
With thousands of local cat and dog lovers looking for love your could find your purr-fect match. As you know everyone has a passion for their pet avoids you wasting time and barking up the wrong tree.
Moggy or Doggy may be a fun concept but it doesn't mean that safety hasn't been taken seriously. Reporting, blocking and moderation are all important aspects of the site. We can be your guard dog whilst you go on the prowl.

Moggy/Doggy definitions

A cute British name for a cat, often used to describe a non pedigree cat that is otherwise TOTALLY AWESOME.

A common term used as an alternative to dog, as in the song, 'How much is that doggy in the window'.

In the media

Moggy or Doggy has been featured by many media outlets, including:

Fully inclusive

Moggy or Doggy welcomes everyone regardless of gender or sexuality, we are a fully inclusive dating site. Just as long as you don't own a hamster. Just kidding!